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Why FactoryLink?

We are a technical sales and marketing company who sells through The Industrial Supply Channel with a primary sales focus on the manufacturing enduser. Our Sales Strategy goal is targeted toward the enduser to solve problems and provide solutions to increase their productivity and product quality. With our Strategic Principal Planning, we establish a quality sales channel for our Principals where we provide sales support, a focused plan to grow brand share at the enduser, technical product training at all levels for all levels and marketing programs to build brand awareness for our principals at the enduser customer and the supply channel that we serve. The FactoryLink has been “Linking” industries since 1987 and is located central to the marketplace that we serve in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

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Partner in Success

  • Immediate Access to the Market
  • Vested Partner in Your Success
  • Predictable Sales Costs that go up and down with sales
  • Immediate Market Intelligence
  • Context for your Products
  • Consulting Services
  • Knowledgeable & Trained Sales Force
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Marketing Services
  • Experiences Technical Sales Force
  • Exploration of New Market Niches 

Our Foundation

The FactoryLink Team is committed to working hard every day in the metalworking marketplace as a partner who adds value, is friendly, helpful and is easy to do business with every day and every time. 

 If you have ideas, comments or suggestions that can improve our value to you please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your support and your business.

Our Sales Strategy

  • END-USER FOCUSED: 70% of our time is spent at the end user
  • Growth by fighting at all levels for the brands we represent
  • Skillful interaction selling solutions
  • Planned alignment of Sales & Marketing so influencers choose you
  • Sharing Success to inspire change
  • 20% of our time is spent managing the channel to meet our expectations

Our Sales Process

  • We manage the sales process with "Pipeline" CRM
  • We stay engaged with the end user to know their needss and wants
  • We possess the experience and knowledge to provide the best solutions
  • We know the rest so we can sell the best
  • We sell solutions with data to back up the decision, documented cost savings
  • We celebrate our wins and learn from our losses so we can be better tomorrow 

Managing our sales cycle

    1 Lead

    2 Qualified Opportunity: Go-to-Market Strategy & Resource Alignment

    3 Presentation: Capability & Relevance

    4 Assessment: Discovery & Clarity

    5 Validation: Agreement & Alignment of Assessment

    6 Test: Bridge the Gap

    7 Proposal: Competence & Assurance

    8 Negotiations: Value & ROI

    9 Won 10 Lost

Mission Statement

Our mission is to simply be the best professional sales organization to do business with. We will achieve this by exceeding all expectations as measured by our clients, distributor partners and the manufacturers we proudly represent.


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